Uses for a Pocket Knife

documenting the many uses for the common pocket knife

Failed Use for a Pocket Knife: Breaking into a House


Nothing like driving 8 hours with the family and two dogs to arrive to your family’s lakehouse at 2 AM and …. Not have the f****ing keys. At 2Am after that long on the road your mind will consider very drastic things. For example; Will a motel room for the night and a locksmith cost Read More

You Need To Carry It To Use It

I found recently that I had gone weeks without using my pocket knife and was wondering why I hadn’t found the need. I realized that I did still have the need from time to time but no one task was compelling enough to motivate me to search for it. I had put my pocket knife Read More

Failed Use for a Pocket Knife: Tightening a Screw

Hot off my successful day of using my brand new pocket knife for various tasks, I ran into my first failure that same evening. Attempting to tighten a tiny screw on my sunglasses proved to be too difficult to complete with the sharp point of my pocket knife. The issue with my pocket knife was Read More