Uses for a Pocket Knife

documenting the many uses for the common pocket knife

Care Tips for Pocket Tools

While enhancing the product page for the Victorinox Classic SD pocket knife, I found a very helpful guide from Victorinox showing proper care and tips for your pocket knife or tool. It’s a concise one page PDF that you can print, share or just view for your pleasure.

How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife


I’ve you’ve just purchased a new pocket knife, or have had a pocket knife that is seeming a little dull, you’re probably wondering how to sharpen the blade. There are several options available to sharpen a pocket knife, and this little how to will attempt to outline them, and provide you a good understanding of Read More

Watch “Home Improvements & Maintenance : Removing Rust From Pocket Knives” on YouTube

Where I Keep My Pocket Knife


When my pocket knife is not on my belt or in use, I clip it onto my kitchen key cubby so I can easily grab it in the morning after getting dressed.

Where I Keep My Pocket Knife

Where I keep my knife: Front-left pocket, inside utilising the belt clip to keep it in place. I experimented with different belt mounts, but couldn’t find a comfortable setup that didn’t interfere with movement or comfort. Some of my shorts have a special pocket which I can utilize for my knife, but the front left Read More

How to Sharpen Your Pocket Knife

As promised ages ago this will be the first post in a series of video posts about pocket knives. First up is a post on sharpening your pocket knife. I’m going to embed a few videos here to give you a nice selection of hopefully informative clips on sharpening your pocket knife. I ratcheted up Read More

Tightening Pocket Knife Blade

Tightening your pocket knife blade from time to time will be required in order to maintain long term functioning of your beloved pocket knife.  In order to avoid malfunction or possible injury, you should check your pocket knife frequently for any sign of loosening, or movement in the blade that is not normal.  To perform Read More