Uses for a Pocket Knife

documenting the many uses for the common pocket knife

The Sexiest Men Drive Pick-up Trucks and Carry Pocket Knives


I came across this little article by Ronda Rich of the Forsyth County News in Georgia which I found entertaining in a mildly interesting way. Ronda starts with a tale of a man who gleefully tells her about his many pocket knives , and ends with a tale of her “Yankee” (who says that anymore?) husband Read More

Pocket Knife Sharpening Guide

Today I updated the How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife post with some more information, a revised layout and I added a couple pocket knife sharpening videos to better show the process.

Pocket Knife Store

Today we added a pocket knife store to the site. Utilizing WooCommerce (for the cart) and Amazon (for order fulfillment), we’re able to offer a small selection of hand chosen pocket knives, that have either been used by us personally, or reviewed on this blog previously. Check it out (we launched with one product!), and Read More

New Theme!

We’re now running a new Simple Bootstrap WordPress Theme.  Simple, clean, responsive and sure to please!

Twitter Widget for Pocket Knives

I just added a Twitter widget to the sidebar (on the right) of the website which shows a live feed of people tweeting the word “pocket knife”. Not too useful at this time, but if you need to kill 5-10 seconds you might read something funny, or really dumb (my vote is the latter). I Read More

WordPress iPad App Test

I finally configured the iPad app that WordPress provides for managing and posting to WP blogs from iOS devices. Can’t see myself using this for heavy or long posts but I do like having the option of quickly posting to my many WP blogs from my mobile iPad. I haven’t been carrying or using my Read More

PA Man Uses Pocket Knife in Defense

Reports like the following from Chambersburg Pennsylvania always are brief and almost never tell the whole story. But on the surface it looks as though Miguel Daniel Villalobos defended himself from several assault using his pocket knife. In a statement to police, Miguel stated that he slashed one of the attackers on the shoulder which Read More

We’re Live!

The lights are just flickering on around here.  Stay tuned for pocket knife adventures!