Uses for a Pocket Knife

documenting the many uses for the common pocket knife

.50 Caliber Bullet Pocket Knife

.50 caliber bullet pocket knife

For a Valentine’s Day gift I received a wonderful gift of a .50 caliber bullet pocket knife from my lovely wife.  This bad Larry is big – it’s the actual size of an .50 caliber bullet with casing, and it’s heavy.  The blade is quite long, spanning the entire length of the case.  It does Read More

Essential Blades Every Man Should Carry

This is a neat little photo or article I guess on the essential “blades” a man should have. From a shovel, to a machette this round up of blades by is nice but probably not right for every man. The Leatherman Wave and Delica 4 ComboEdge are featured.

Random Knives: Branded Swag Knife

Tucked away in the glove compartment of my Hyundai Sonata is a cheap swag knife (probably a sample) I acquired years ago from a now defunct family chocolate business (why a chocolate business would brand a pocket knife is a whole different issue). Despite its rather low quality the knife is solid and as you Read More

My Lucky Knife

My daughter named this knife my “lucky knife”, which because she suggested that name completely unprompted I thought was pretty darned cute and officially named it so. This particular knife was given to me by my parents for either Christmas or my birthday, I cannot remember which, and had since served as my primary knife. Read More

Random Knives: Maine Switchblade

Next to the kitchen sink in our lake house resides this old and rather non functioning switchblade.