Uses for a Pocket Knife

documenting the many uses for the common pocket knife

Use #53 for a Pocket Knife: Ripping Rags


It’s been a while, but this ones was obvious once I reached for my handy pocket knife.  Without scissors handy, my trusty Victorinox came through and was was able to nick a thick rag enough to allow me to tear in half, Hulk-Hogan-style the dish towel into two rags.  I even used my “small blade” Read More

Use #52 for a Pocket Knife: Emergency Dinner Knife


This post marks another first for this blog: The first tweet-inspired use for a pocket knife. Whilst trolling Twitter for hot pocket knife action, I came across the following tweet from self-professed makeup obsessed and college student Madz, with a photo of her old coworker using a pocket knife to cut his dinner at an Read More

Use #51 for a Pocket Knife: Saving a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


After my Karl Malone post I struck Google News gold again with another article about a pocket knife, saving the day for a ribbon cutting ceremony at the 2015 Commodity Classic. Check out the video (and I use that term lightly because it’s basically a slideshow) below:

Use #50 for a Pocket Knife: Shaving Your Head – Karl Malone Style


I can’t believe I’m finally at the 50th use for a pocket knife! Despite my thorough efforts to procrastinate and starve this blog into a slow and painful death like my other ventures, I’ve managed to crank out 50 legit (mostly) uses for the small, simple but infinitely useful pocket knife. I have a few Read More

Use #49 for a Pocket Knife: Loosening a Stripped Screw


I find this use particularly funny because of a prior “failed” use (see: Failed Use for a Pocket Knife: Tightening a Screw) having almost the exact same scenario with quite obviously the opposite outcome.  The story goes like this:  We have a particularly janky towel rack in our bathroom and if you look at it Read More

Use #48 for a Pocket Knife: Prying out Batteries


I’ve previously written about pocket knives helping with battery compartments being secured by small screws. However, once inside that compartment sometimes contains batteries that are crammed in there for one reason or another (a snug fit is actually a nice benefit). Recently I dug out my old pocket dictionary (yes those existed) and luckily had Read More

Use #47 for a Pocket Knife: Hooking up Boat Motor

Boat Motor - Not mine

Chalk another one up for the large screwdriver on my trusty Victorinox for successfully loosening, and tightening two hose clamps that attached my electric boat motor cables to the terminals on the marine battery. Propelling our family with a massive 3 lbs of force, this electric propulsion wonder has given us many hours of slow Read More

Use #46 for a Pocket Knife: Modifying Crutches for Kids


My kids like to play games, make believe stuff mostly and a common theme is one of them hobbling around on improvised crutches. They’ve asked repeatedly for us to buy them some, but my wife and I can’t bring ourselves to buy crutches for our completely healthy children. Fast forward to our family trip up Read More

Use #45 for a Pocket Knife: Adjusting a Grilling Grate Extension

fish on a grille grate

This one is a bit hard to describe, but basically I co-opted my brother in-law (and all around handy guy) to construct extensions to a standard round grilling grate or rack to fit my outdoor fire pit.  Being much larger than your standard round yard grille, the firepit needed a grate either much larger, or Read More

Use #44 for a Pocket Knife: Stripping the Nubs off Model Airplane Kits


Recently I bought my second (you read the right) second model airplane kit.  The emphasis on second is because it’s a miracle I finished the first one … it took me 2 years.  My first was a P-51D Mustang.  Circa WWII, this particular model project was my first ever, and despite bailing on the decals, Read More