Uses for a Pocket Knife

documenting the many uses for the common pocket knife

Use #43 for a Pocket Knife: Wire Stripping


One of our family hobbies are ATV’s and other gasoline powered things that go fast and loud.  Part of owning these adult toys is owning a trailer to schlep them around to places where you can actually ride them without getting a ticket from the authorities or dirty looks from your neighbors.  We have such Read More

Use #42 for a Pocket Knife: Separating Stuck Legos


I have the unfortunate habit of biting my nails to smithereens and because of this horrible, horrible affliction I have an even harder time than most mortals separating stuck Legos.  Enter my pocket knife and it’s thin, sharp and non-bite-able steel blade.  Even if I had healthy robust nails some Legos are just too stuck Read More

Use #41 for a Pocket Knife: Cut Fishing Line

pocket knives and fishing are like peas in a pod

All star use! This one seems obvious and that’s because it is. When you fish you’re always cutting line, whether it’s to attach new bait, tie in that new fancy expensive and useless lure, or because your idiot friend got his line caught…. again… in the trees and this time couldn’t free it by yanking Read More

Use #40 for a Pocket Knife: Whittle a Stick

wood carving with a pocket knife

Being in Maine for the month of August presents ample time for a pocket knife enthusiast to explore his or her craft.  My daughters were playing outside with some small sticks and asked me to whittle them into knives.  That request was denied however I did shave the bark off of one, and carefully instructed Read More

Use #39 for a Pocket Knife: Attach Fishing Weight

pocket knives and fishing are like peas in a pod

While up north this summer I did a fair amount of unsuccessful fishing and therefore had ample opportunity to use and drop into the water my trusty pocket knife. Thankfully I only did the latter a couple times and was able to retrieve it each time, the other opportunities including fastening weights onto fishing lines. Read More

Use #38 for a Pocket Knife: Fix a Sharp Metal Edge

pocket knife coffee defense

I drink latte’s in the morning and that involves opening cans of espresso coffee with a can opener. A side effect of opening the can with my manual can opener is that the very end of the metal edge gets bent up exposing a sharp metal edge. Seemingly not very dangerous this edge can catch Read More

Use #37 for a Pocket Knife: Attaching a License Plate

pocket knife license plate removal

We make frequent long distance trips up north and through the power of Craigslist found a high top conversion van that we thought would be perfect for our family. Off we went to meet the owner of said van and inspect and test drive the van, or be murdered with an axe – the two Read More

Use #36 for a Pocket Knife: Sticker Removal

pocket knife sticker removal

My daughter stuck a sticker (literary master I am not) to a rather expensive bench in our kitchen breakfast nook and luckily having not been too hard pressed, the small blade of my Swiss Army knife lifted the edge and I was able to pull the sticker cleanly off the bench. A sharper more razor Read More

Use #35 for a Pocket Knife: Sharpen A Pencil


My daughter recently produced a pencil for homework with a completely broken tip. Instead of using a pencil sharpener I took out the small blade of my pocket knife and sharpened the tip “carpenter style”. It made a mess of shavings (unlike the photo, more chunky) on my coffee table but did the job sufficiently Read More

Use #34 for a Pocket Knife: Fixing an Electric Four-wheeler


Used my bottle opener, flat head screw driver tool on my Victorinox to lift a plastic foot panel on my daughter’s Polaris battery ATV. Found a corroded wire connector which we replaced and now it’s back on the road … Or lawn I should say.