How to Close a Pocket Knife

From MrHowToMakeEverything comes this rather dry video educating us all on how to properly (debatable) close a locking spring assisted pocket knife.

Basically find the release on the pocket knife, get your fingers the hell out of the way, and close the blade without severing a major artery.

The release is not always in the same location, so be careful and take your time to inspect the knife before attempting to close it. Typically however there will be a piece of metal holding the blade open, that when pushed to one side will release the lock on the blade. Don’t forget to get your fingers out of the way.

I had to share this video of rather nice young lady explaining how to close a pocket knife, from the perspective of a … nice young lady (be nice). I found it be to decent, especially after watching several pre-teen boys attempt pocket knife tricks with reckless abandon.

Best! claybuster5 wins the award for the best, most straightforward, most watchable, and shortest informative video on how to close a pocket knife. 4 seconds, close up, no talking, deal with it.