Uses for a Pocket Knife

documenting the many uses for the common pocket knife

How to Sharpen Your Pocket Knife

As promised ages ago this will be the first post in a series of video posts about pocket knives. First up is a post on sharpening your pocket knife. I’m going to embed a few videos here to give you a nice selection of hopefully informative clips on sharpening your pocket knife.

I ratcheted up the difficulty of this post by using my iPad and bluetooth keyboard. So far so good, although this is probably the most I’ve ever typed on it. Biggest problem I have now is the lower right thumb placed apostrophe key. I don’t (see I had to use it again and it took like 12 seconds to find) know if this placement is a Mac thing but it sucks no matter who’s (that time only took me 4 seconds) idea it was. On with the videos…

The Art of Manliness has the top ranking for my particular search, here’s their take on sharpening a pocket knife:

Second on the list of videos about sharpening is this one my kwickshowmehow2 … or something

jtypo is third up on the list of videos