Uses for a Pocket Knife

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Pocket Knife Tricks

Pocket Knife Tricks

I was browsing YouTube in preparation to write this article and found that according to YouTube’s auto suggest feature, pocket knife tricks is the second most popular search term. Off I went to see what the hoopla was about pocket knife tricks, and low and behold I found some pretty cool stuff.

First up is the insanely popular Butterfly Knife Tricks video from NICKisNOTaTOY. The quality isn’t great but the tricks are fantastic. My fingers hurt just watching.

Next up is a Swiss Army knife trick from user whynabile. Over a half a million people have watched whynabile turn his Swiss Army knife into a pin storing wonder. The video is shaky and YT haters are in full force but for those with this particular knife, it may help you stuff another tool into your arsenal.

Back to Butterfly Knives. This little video shows a “trainer” which is bascically a butterfly knife without the pesky sharp blades.

Finally something useful! The Backwoodsman’s Institute shows us how to cut down a tree with a pocket knife. About 2:45 into the video the action begins, as we watch the outdoorsman’s expert pound his pocket knife, beaver-style around the entire trunk of the tree.

Want to spin your Rambo sized knife around your thumb in your bedroom? ATCKDFND has your covered, complete with his own bloopers for that authentic stabby feel.

For those of your preferring the wife beater, pony tail wielding style knife master, MasterFrederick shows us how to spin and flip a frighten large knife that you’d never fit in your pocket unless you wore medieval knight armor.

New Pocket Knife Trick Videos:

YouTube user akliving4now brings this Must See! best knife trick ever? video. I guess not even he’s convinced it’s the best, which is why he went with the ? instead of the expected ! Complete with Star Wars intro disclaimer, this video shows you how to whip out a pocket knife from your pocket with a rope. Good luck with that. Slo mo included!

Patrick Grogan whom I can only assume is somewhere in the 12-15 year old range, recorded this helpful montage of beginner pocket knife tricks. Certainly entertaining enough to watch if only for the moment when Patrick thinks he’s busted (presumably by his Mom) and a brief moment at the end where Patrick demonstrates a trick he’s currently working on, and proceeds to whiff his shirt with the blade.

Jagger Swaggerz sat down in his laundry room to show us all his favorite pocket knife trick which includes the famous hold: “traditional gangsta stab” and tips on “hitting somebody” with your blunted (for safety) pocket knife. Jagger think he’s kind of funny, and thankfully does his demo with a broken tipped pocket knife and seemingly more than 5 minutes of practice.

Update: 2/28/2015: Added new videos.
Update 8/13/2014: Removed missing video, and duplicate video I pasted at the bottom of the post. Added a new video.