Uses for a Pocket Knife

documenting the many uses for the common pocket knife

The Sexiest Men Drive Pick-up Trucks and Carry Pocket Knives


I came across this little article by Ronda Rich of the Forsyth County News in Georgia which I found entertaining in a mildly interesting way. Ronda starts with a tale of a man who gleefully tells her about his many pocket knives , and ends with a tale of her “Yankee” (who says that anymore?) husband who initially didn’t appreciate the important of a good pocket knife.

While we agree with you on the part about the sexiest men driving pick-ups and carrying pocket knives, we have to disagree on the idea that Yankees don’t know about, or need good pocket knives (said by a proud Mainer)

It’s a good read, and kudos for Ronda for encouraging such manly endeavors.

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