Uses for a Pocket Knife

documenting the many uses for the common pocket knife

Use #46 for a Pocket Knife: Modifying Crutches for Kids


My kids like to play games, make believe stuff mostly and a common theme is one of them hobbling around on improvised crutches. They’ve asked repeatedly for us to buy them some, but my wife and I can’t bring ourselves to buy crutches for our completely healthy children. Fast forward to our family trip up north, and what did we find in the shed but a set of adult crutches long forgotten and begging for some attention. Shortening them turned out to be difficult due to our lack of tools and any woodworking skills to speak of. We cut them but when reattaching the armpit pad ( that’s a medical term) screws weren’t cutting it. I slept on it overnight and had the idea the next morning to try and whittle the ends of the crutches to fit into the precut holes.

To make a long post even longer, my pocket knife came through and we were able to deliver a set of child size crutches to our thrilled kids.