Uses for a Pocket Knife

documenting the many uses for the common pocket knife

Where I Keep My Pocket Knife


Where I keep my knife: Front-left pocket, inside utilising the belt clip to keep it in place. I experimented with different belt mounts, but couldn’t find a comfortable setup that didn’t interfere with movement or comfort. Some of my shorts have a special pocket which I can utilize for my knife, but the front left pocket remains my go to spot. I also have many cargo pants/shorts but having the knife float around in one of those pockets, close to and always banging into my knee was not ideal. It’s also much harder to draw the knife from a large pocket.

Long term I may invest in a belt attached pouch to keep this knife, or a future knife. The key to that will be the ease of use (one hand draw will be important) and comfort. I don’t want a bulky pouch that will stick out or get in the way throughout the day.