Uses for a Pocket Knife

documenting the many uses for the common pocket knife

Failed Use for a Pocket Knife: Breaking into a House


Nothing like driving 8 hours with the family and two dogs to arrive to your family’s lakehouse at 2 AM and …. Not have the f****ing keys. At 2Am after that long on the road your mind will consider very drastic things. For example; Will a motel room for the night and a locksmith cost more or less than replacing a broken window? And, if I back up the van I can climb to the roof and try a second floor window.

I did accomplish the latter (it was locked) but the former wasn’t required as I was able to jimmy a window open with two screwdrivers and some help from the wife. My pocket knife was the first go to tool, but it wasn’t brute enough to mangle the vinyl windows sufficiently to pop it open and toss my oldest daughter through and into the bathroom to let us all in.