My Lucky Knife


My daughter named this knife my “lucky knife”, which because she suggested that name completely unprompted I thought was pretty darned cute and officially named it so.

This particular knife was given to me by my parents for either Christmas or my birthday, I cannot remember which, and had since served as my primary knife.

Usually occupying a spot in my trucks’s change bin to the left of the steering wheel and occasionally my basket for keys in the kitchen, this knife has served as the chosen tool for many of the posts featured on this blog.

The pros of this knife include its’s small size, multiple function tools (yay bottle opener) handy tweezers and toothpick and a sharp factory blade.

The drawbacks include no locking blade (so no serious cutting), no serrated blade, and no belt clip making carrying this knife something reserved for pockets with flaps, buttons, snaps or zippers.

Overall I’m very pleased with this knife and now that it has an official name provided by my daughter, illl remember it forever as my lucky knife.

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