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PA Man Uses Pocket Knife in Defense

Lame street action that looks more like dancing

Reports like the following from Chambersburg Pennsylvania always are brief and almost never tell the whole story. But on the surface it looks as though Miguel Daniel Villalobos defended himself from several assault using his pocket knife. In a statement to police, Miguel stated that he slashed one of the attackers on the shoulder which stopped the attack.

Now I have no idea if this story checks out, or if poor old Miguel has anything to do with the attack or altercation but it’s pocket knife news so I am covering it.

Self defense is probably one of the last uses for a pocket knife I could think of, but it’s certainly an important one to consider should the need arise.

Read more (not much) about this story.

  1. Paula Orellana says:

    Hello I came across your article PA man uses pocket knife in self defense. This is my son. What happened was he was walking to his aunts house to get some DVD movies after a day of hunting and he had his pocket knife on him. He was jumped by several black males. When one of the men struck him and spun him around he reached into his pocket and pulled his knife. when he spun back around he stabbed one of the men in the shoulder and slashed him. The man started yelling some profanities., and saying he had been stabbed. they all fled. Just thought I would tell ya the story. Have a good one.

    1. JC says:

      Thanks for sharing!