Uses for a Pocket Knife

documenting the many uses for the common pocket knife

Use #1 for a Pocket Knife: Marshmallow Sticks

Your Pocket Knife Results in Action

When I envisioned writing for this website before I created it, the first use for a pocket knife that I could think of was for making marshmallow sticks.  That is to sharpen the end of a tree branch or stick to form a pointed tip suitable for a marshmallow to be placed and cooked over a campfire or grill (if you’re sufficiently hard up for fire).

Sure enough when I purchased my pocket knife, the first use I had for it was to prepare several marshmallow sticks for the planned evening consumption of smores by the family.  My new pocket knife, purchased hours before at a beloved local store, cost me $0.99 and immediately paid for itself in satisfaction with my successful whittling exercise.

I have since used the same knife to whittle even more marshmallow sticks for our home fire pit.