Use #11 for a Pocket Knife: Cutting a Garden Hose

green garden hose ready to be sliced

We had/have a moisture problem in our basement, which was attracting earwigs, or ‘pincher bugs’ as the kids call them.  This problem, among others prompted us to make some adjustments, one of them being running our self-emptying dehumidifier in a new location.  The self-emptying part of the dehumidifier equation requires a span of garden hose without the metal end attached so you can slide it onto the receptor within the unit.

Not wanting to cut one of my own hoses I made a trip to the local transfer station where they have a pile of discarded garden hoses left by residents.  I hopped out of my truck, whipped out my pocket knife and cut the length of hose I needed from one of the more flexible hoses.  Flexible because I don’t need to worry about kinks and want the hose to slide in smoothly.

Those hose cut quite easily with a sharp blade.

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