Uses for a Pocket Knife

documenting the many uses for the common pocket knife

Use #37 for a Pocket Knife: Attaching a License Plate

pocket knife license plate removal

We make frequent long distance trips up north and through the power of Craigslist found a high top conversion van that we thought would be perfect for our family. Off we went to meet the owner of said van and inspect and test drive the van, or be murdered with an axe – the two possible outcomes of any Craigslist transaction.

The van checked out and soon we wanted to come back and take it for a test drive. Without a current registration the van had no plates. I needed to attach one of my plates for the quick evaluation ride down a side street, but didn’t grab a screw driver. Out came my pocket knife and it’s flat head screw driver attachment which made quick work of the license plate screws allowing us to move the plate over and set off down for the first test drive.