Uses for a Pocket Knife

documenting the many uses for the common pocket knife

Use #5 for a Pocket Knife: Sawing off a Dead Tree Branch

My pocket knife would make quick work of this branch

After more than a week of not wearing my pocket knife, it caught my eye on my nightstand this morning while getting dressed and I slipped it in my pocket.  About an hour later I was outside with the dogs clipping them to a tree beside my driveway while I waited for the family when I noticed a dead, twisted branch dangling over my head.

The branch had been broken, and twisted possibly a year earlier and had been hanging in place as I was unsuccessful at severing it with my bare hands when it was alive.  The brand was now very dead and I wanted it gone however the fibrous branch was still very much attached.  I twisted, I bent but the stubborn branch would not break off.  I briefly considered getting my tree clippers from a nearby shed but I didn’t have the time or motivation to do so for such a small task.

Quickly my mind went to my pocket knife which sports a partially serrated blade.  Not sharp by any measure and certainly not a sawing tool I thought, “why not”.  I popped it out and began sawing away.  In less than 10 seconds the branch was free and I returned my knife to my pocket, happy another blog posting was forthcoming.

*No cute squirrels were injured in any way during the branch removal or composition of this post.

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