Use #9 for a Pocket Knife: Scratching a Lottery Ticket

This was not the knifne I used to scratch the ticket.

Instead of using a coin or my fingernails (if i had them) I used my pocket knife to scrape the reveal boxes on a lottery scratch ticket.  I don’t usually buy lottery tickets of any variety, but these scratch tickets were gifted to me, or my wife (I can’t remember) and we wanted to see if luck was with us, despite the dismally low odds.

I honestly don’t remember if we won any money, typically we’ll get $2 here or maybe $4 there but the total is never something to get excited about.  I also doubt we bought more tickets with the winnings, opting instead most likely for some candy or a drink at the local general store.

Pretty much any pocket knife will do for this scratching process, however I wouldn’t use the blade side as if you do win (ha! yeah right), you don’t want to accidentally slide or rip through your ticket.

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